There was a degree of re-experiencing which I’d never done before. CRM created a safe space to allow me to feel.– newsweek

Comprehensive Resource Model


Comprehensive Resource Model


Therapy can be likened to peeling away onion layers to reach the things that are affecting people negatively.

Through CRM the person is supported to peel these layers away and are so helped to understand the way they react in situations.

In comparing CRM with therapies like cognitive therapy, the challenge is that people can be asked to talk about their fears in great detail.   Some people may have to repeat their story over and over so that they can build resilience with dealing with the fear.   For many people this is too much to deal with.

With me, there’s no need to talk about what happened. A person will be given skills to give them strength to face the painful emotions they’ve kept inside. Encouragement will be given for the person to focus on the physical sensations arising in their bodies and deal with feelings such as chest-crushing sadness, a hot flash of anger, stomach cramps, palpitations or feeling like one’s heart is frozen in ice. With my support you can face such feelings fully, if only for a short time, and finally let go of your buried anger, terror or shame.

What To Expect

  • You will learn skills that you can use at any time
  • You will be able to handle difficult situations in your life in a more relaxed way
  • Emotions will feel less overwhelming
  • You will have better friendships and relationships

How Stress Affects The Body

When we are stressed our body thinks that we are under threat and prepared to fight or run from that threat.

Our blood is sent away from the brain so that our body is ready for physical action. We can breath in a shallow way which can leave us feeling light headed and “fuzzy” and we may also have a never ending stream of thoughts.

Therapy helps to calm down our brains by helping release relaxing chemicals in the body which tell our parasympathetic nervous system to switch on (this is the relaxation system).

Take A Look At How I Can Help
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